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Our Mission

At EliteChem Products, our mission is to design and manufacture eco-conscious laboratory products that embody stability, efficiency, and balance. We are committed to creating solutions that empower scientists and researchers to achieve their goals while reducing the environmental impact of their work.


Vision Statement

Our vision at EliteChem Products is to harness the inherent balance, efficiency, and sustainability just like in the hexagonal patterns of the natural world. We aim to lead the way in designing and manufacturing laboratory supplies that mirror these principles, embodying precision and eco-consciousness as woven into the fabric of nature's hexagons. Our goal is to create a legacy of responsible scientific products, where laboratories worldwide align seamlessly with the environment contributing to a world where science and sustainability coexist in perfect harmony.

History and Hightlights

Since 1983, we have been the same team that has produced quality and value to our customers and clients. Though we may be a new company, our team holds decades of experience from medical, aerospace, automotive, and military industries in all kinds of applications.

UltraClear and CentriEASE

EliteChem debuts new product lines of tubes, sampling instruments, and world’s first encapsulated manifold.

A New Beginning

EliteChem was founded in 2021 set to deliver plastic labware to various clients in various industries.

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