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Minimize Waste and Maximize Quality.

EliteChem’s 25,000-square-foot manufacturing efficient facility in Irvine, CA possess 24 hours a day year-round lights out manufacturing with the ability to produce thousands of parts an hour. Our manufacturing processes and equipment utilize minimal energy reducing our total energy consumption. To minimize our environmental impact in supplying finished goods, we emphasize on partnering with local businesses within a hundred miles from our facility to reduce our emissions footprint. With this goal, we also actively seek suppliers who are minority-owned, women-owned, or certified small businesses by contributing to the growth of local underrepresented businesses thus fostering the local economy of our community.

Our Mission Toward Zero Manufacturing Waste

  • High Efficiency Manufacturing and Automation

    Automated material handling systems, part collection systems, and packaging systems allow our product to be produced, assembled, and packaged with ultimate efficiency. Our advanced and modern all-electric and hydraulic reduce energy consumption up to 60% compared to most standard equipment consumption.

  • Reduced Waste Output

    We have successfully removed the origins of hazardous waste, and our enclosed water cooling system effectively prevents the discharge of chemicals into the local coast through drainage.

  • Zero Material Waste

    An in-house recycling initiative ensures that there is no plastic waste generated. The surplus materials from the manufacturing of our tubes and caps are repurposed to create other product. EliteChem is actively striving to establish the labware industry's zero-landfill goal annually.

  • Recyclable Packaging

    In addition, we have adopted the use of recyclable packaging supplies for the shipping our products, furthering our commitment to environmental sustainability.

The Result

Our innovative product designs, proprietary manufacturing processes, low energy-consuming equipment, and environmental sustainability mission allow us to provide you with the highest quality of necessary product while minimizing the costs and environmental impact. By embracing these principles and practices, we can proudly offer you the very best in product quality, all while offering product at reduced costs and significantly lessening our ecological footprint.

Sustainability at EliteChem

Sustainability involves much more than a simple commitment to recycling. True success in promoting a more sustainable future lies in actively involving others and embedding sustainability into the very essence of your organizational culture. It is an ongoing trek, a continuous pursuit of a greener and more responsible tomorrow.

  • Material

    We strictly incorporate efforts to recycle any waste back into more product eliminating waste.

  • Energy

    Reducing energy use in the manufacturing of our product reduce our environmental footprint

  • Manufacturing

    Our in-house manufacturing processes provides ultimate output of product with minimal input of energy and cost.

  • Innovation

    At EliteChem, we more than just a supplier – we create better solutions to problems not offered anywhere else.

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